Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.06.05 amMy name is Celinda Corsini. I am an Italian teacher with 11 years experience in teaching ab initio Italian for the International Baccalaureate. I began creating this website in 2011 and last updated it in 2015. I would like to thank Aaron McLuckie, who helped with the initial brainstorming; James Humberstone, who introduced me to WordPress; and Bryce Lindstrom, who was always available for technical support.

Topics & Units

Video explanations on language

1. Greetings and Introductions

2. Describing People

3. School

4. Writing an Informal Letter

5. Food and Drinks

6. Leisure

7. Family Life

8. Clothes and Fashion

9. Describing a Visual Stimulus

1o. Holidays

11. Houses, Suburbs and Cities

12. Talking about your Future

13. Health

14. Media

15. Geography and Environment

16. Relationships

17. Italian Festivities

18.Written Assignment: describing, comparing, reflecting

19. Global Issues

2o. IT

21. Question Words for Text-handling

22. Yr 12 December holiday homework

  1. Italian phonetics – how to pronounce sounds in Italian

2. Noun-adjective agreement – how to make sure your adjective ends in the correct letter

3. Indefinite articles & Plurals (how to say A or AN)

4. Definite articles (how to say THE )

5. Direct object pronouns with recipes (how to say ‘Cut IT /THEM‘)

6. The present tense 

7. Modal verbs: dovere, potere, volere

8. Possessive Adjectives (mio, mia, miei, mie)

9. Reflexive verbs

10. Direct object pronouns with present tense

11.Talking about the past- il passato prossimo

12. Talking about the past – l’imperfetto

13. Talking about the future – il futuro

14. Imperative verbs – urge, command, advice

15. Conditional verbs – advice, polite requests

16. Indirect pronouns – to him/her/them

17. Subjunctive verbs – opinion, emotion, demands

Calendario – compiti e verifiche

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