When we commence in Term 1 I will sit with each student individually to discuss all their difficulties. To make this a super smooth and quick process, you must have the following prepared for me:

Have a table similar to the this :

Holidays Passato handout I don’t understand why the answer is “deciso” and not “fatto”
Cinema Text: intervista a Stefano Accorsi – paragraph 7 I don’t understand the first 3 lines of the paragraph
Imperfetto my notes I still don’t get when to use imperfetto and when to use passato prossimo

Also, please get an old fashioned exercise book to complete the writing tasks. It’s a good idea to start doing some writing tasks with pen and paper in preparation for the exam, perhaps not when completing a new writing task in class for a new unit but rather when re-doing old writing tasks after revising pertinent topics. This also stops you from looking things up and gets you used to relying on what you know- as you will be forced to do in the final exam.

You may also wish to access pre-made quizlet sets for grammar and topics. Use the following:

user name: MLC Italian password: Student 12

(brought to you by the collaborative efforts of the wonderful May 2012 cohort)

Ecco i compiti:

(Please bring all your marked text-handling activities to class in our first week and have your difficulties and incorrect answers highlighted so we can discuss them in small groups as we do when you get your exams back)

1. Complete the following online units (you may leave out the writing tasks – we will attempt them in class):

1. relationships

2. global issues

3. IT

2. complete the following text-handling tasks and contribute to the collaborative vocab lists with additional words and useful sentences – note that next term we will address writing and speaking skills for these topics. For the time being, do the reading, acquire the vocab, collect useful expressions, highlight any bits you don’t understand plus write any questions you have.

Topic: Media & the Arts

Topic: Italian schools and universities

3. REVISE all the grammar we’ve learned so far (remember to book mark areas of difficulty and add them to the table) You can do this by..

1. Completing the following revision exercises in the Esplora workbook (purchase or borrow from ex Yr 12’s or Prof); OR

2. Clicking on the following  online exercises (and each page will include links to further exercises). To practice verbs tenses & moods, try the Online Italian Verb Conjugation Trainer  or the Conjuguemos site; OR

3. Using your own or pre-made quizlet sets, such as the one from Class of 2012 mentioned above; OR

4. Re-doing old exercises from the original units

5. Purchasing a grammar based text-books with answers such as Italian Verb Drills by P. Nani-Tate or Schaum’s Italian grammar (purchase for approx $30 at Abbey’s bookshop online or in the city or via Amazon)

6. Your own way

  • Plurals: p. 2 ex 2b or online exercise
  • Articles: p. 2 ex 2c or online exercise
  • Present tense: p. 3 -5 ex 3a, 3b, 3c, 3f or online verb exercises mentioned above
  • Possessive adjectives: p. 11-12 ex 3a, 3b or online exercise
  • Reflexive verbs: p. 20-21 ex 2a, 2b or online exercise
  • Imperfetto Vs passato prossimo: p.22-23 ex 2a, 2b or online exercise
  • Il futuro: p. 39 ex 3a; p.116 ex 5a; p.163 ex 3 or online verb exercises mentioned above
  • Direct object pronouns: p. 45 ex 3 ( you may need to read TB p. 40 for facts) or online exercise
  • Comparatives: p. 47 ex 1a or online exercise (first read notes on comparatives and superlatives)
  • Condizionale: p. 160-161 ex 2a, 2b; p. 59 ex 3; p.61-62 ex 3a, 3b; p.101 ex 3a, 3b, 3d; p.144 ex 3; p.152 ex 4a or online verb exercises mentioned above
  • si impersonale: p. 72 ex 4b; p. 76 ex. 3 or online exercise
  • imperfetto: p.74 ex 2a ,2b; p. 84 ex 1, 2; p.131 ex 3b; p.132 ex 3d or online verb exercise mentioned above
  • Lei form: p. 78 ex 2 or online exercise
  • l’imperativo: p. 79 ex 2; p.95 ex 3 or online verb exercises mentioned above
  • C’e`/ci sono: p. 90 ex 4 or online exercise
  • Noun-adjective agreement: (NOTE that according to the IB Italian yearly subject report, this is the most frequent type of error in the oral and written exams):  p. 113 ex 2a, 2b or online exercise
  • passato prossimo: p. 131 ex 3a or online verb exercises mentioned above

4. Start writing answers to all the questions for your individual oral.

Here are some tips:

a) Revise the most pertinent online unit for the question

b) Look back at the writing task you produced for that unit

c) Read some peer tutor responses on the topic and take note, in particular, of the idiomatic expressions they use

d) Google the question on “google Italia” to locate some forums discussing the question (eg. yahoo answers).

e) write your response using the language collected from a-d. Try to incorporate some idioms to make your response sound more authentic and complex, and remember to use linking words and temporal markers to “glue” your response together and make it flow.

f) gradually send your responses to your peer tutors to mark (eg. 2 questions at a time).  If they don’t respond, I’ll mark them for you in Term 1.

Many questions are quite similar, so quite often you will be recycling the body of your answer for multiple questions but modifying the introduction to suit each individual question.

5. Start learning the language from Describing a Visual Stimulus 2

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