What you will learn

You will learn to understand texts about IT and produce writing tasks relating to technology and the internet

What you need to know


As you complete your text-handling tasks, add useful vocabulary to our collaborative vocab list. Use this link to find the meanings of these words and to add other useful words to the class list.

Useful Language

Extract the useful language for this unit from the texts in the “at home task 3”. You may choose to add it to the collaborative vocab list.

Your to do list.

Have a better idea for a task? Go ahead and do it, as long as it meets that same purpose and that it can be documented.

TASK                                                                                                                    PURPOSE

  • (optional) CONTRIBUTE to the collaborative vocab list entitled “IT
  • TIPS:As you run into new words or useful expressions for the topic, add them here.
To build an extensive vocabulary list for the entire class to share, use as a reference list and personalise. To have a bank of vocab and expressions to use when preparing for text-handling tasks on geography
  • MEMORISE all the vocabulary and expressions from the unit ). Remember to upload your proof in your evernote book.
  • TIPS:Make your own quizlet set and/or share it with the class.  Find other useful vocab learning websites and aps, record your voice repeating the words, do “look say cover write check”, compete with your friends in your own quiz show-style game.
To drill and memorise all relevant vocabulary.
  • COMPLETE the text-handling activity below each text and check your answers. Note texts, questions and answers are all on the one document.
  • Need more practice? Here is a booklet of older text-handling activities and answers. (Mistakes in answers to Flash Mob text: 4=falso; 5=falso; 6=vero). If you ave the Esplora Textbook, you can also do: TB 34 -35 & WB 32 ex 1b; TB 36-37 & WB ex 1; TB 43 & WB 46 ex 1a
To learn some facts on internet security, to pick up new vocabulary and structures for use in related writing tasks and to develop your text-handling skills for the IB exam. Seeing the language in an authentic context and gaining confidence from understanding an authentic Italian text, rather than one simplified for language learners
  • Identify, synthesise and adapt the useful language from the texts in Task 3 to complete the following:
  • SCRIVI una pagina web per il sito della tua scuola dando dei consigli agli studenti su come usare internet, e in particolare i siti di social networking, in modo sicuro (100 parole)
 To put all the language together, learn to identify and adapt useful expressions in authentic texts for your own writing taks and  develop writing skills for IB paper 2.
  • PARTECIPA ad un blog intitolato “computer e internet a scuola” descrivendo come tu usi la tecnologia nel contesto scolastico (50 parole)

 To put all the language together, learn to identify and adapt useful expressions in authentic texts for your own writing taks and  develop writing skills for IB paper 2.

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