What you will learn

You will learn to understand texts about Italian festivities and to write about festivities celebrated in Australia.

What you need to know


As this unit is for text-handling only, all you need to know is the vocabulary list.It is quite brief so please ensure you add to it as you complete your reading task.

Your to do list.

Have a better idea for a task? Go ahead and do it, as long as it meets that same purpose and that it can be documented.

TASK                                                                                                                    PURPOSE

  • (optional) CONTRIBUTE to the collaborative vocab list entitled “festivities
  • TIPS:As you run into new words or useful expressions for the topic, add them here.
To build an extensive vocabulary list for the entire class to share, use as a reference list and personalise. To have a bank of vocab and expressions to use when preparing for text-handling tasks on geography
  • MEMORISE all the vocabulary and expressions from the unit
  • TIPS:Make your own quizlet set and/or share it with the class.  Find other useful vocab learning websites and aps, record your voice repeating the words, do “look say cover write check”, compete with your friends in your own quiz show-style game.
To drill and memorise all relevant vocabulary.
  • Read the text about Italian festivities and highlight  useful sentences that you can adapt to describe Australian festivities
To learn some facts on Italian festivities and become familiar with the vocab, and to pick up new vocabulary and structures to use in related writing tasks.
  • Use the highlighted phrases for the following writing task:Il tuo amico italiano vuole sapere come si festeggia il Natale nel tuo paese.
 To put all the language together, learn to identify and adapt useful expressions in authentic texts for your own writing taks and  develop writing skills for IB paper 2.
  • Using these sample tasks as models, complete the following writing task: Sei in una scuola italiana e devi scrivere un articolo per il giornalino della scuola su una festività importante nel tuo paese.

 To put all the language together, learn to identify and adapt useful expressions in authentic texts for your own writing tasks and  develop writing skills for IB paper 2.
  • Answer question “Come hai trascorso il giorno di Natale?” using these authentic answers as models.
  • .” 
To learn more about how Italians celebrate Christmas and to use & adapt authentic language to create your own response to this question
  •  Q & A (optional). Ask or answer questions about the unit via our FB page or email prof
  • “Everything we know has its origins in questions. Questions, we might say, are the principal intellectual instruments available to human beings.” 
Help everyone in the class to understand all the concepts introduced in this focus area, deepen your understanding of the concepts, and appreciate the strength of collaboration

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