Italian-Australian Peer Tutoring Project

(Finding Peer Tutors: Please place your peer tutor paragraph here – remember to mention your name and class too. This will help us in pairing you with a peer who has similar interests to you.)

Each week,  you will have to spend 30 minutes on skype (or similar app) with you peer tutor, of which 15 minutes of speaking in Italian.


What do we do in those 15 minutes of Italian speaking?

You will be completing the  GREEN tasks in each online unit entitled “Peer Tutor Task” for a total of 15 minutes. This means you will work through various Peer Tutor Tasks until you reach the 15 minutes. They will correct your and provide feedback via our  “peer tutoring feedback form”

What do we do for the other 15 minutes?

Their teacher will set them some tasks to complete in English. Please familiarise yourself with the “peer tutoring feedback form” as you will be required to complete it after the session. This means that DURING the session you will be taking note of any mistakes they make (grammar, pronunciation, vocab) and will be ready to provide corrections and comments via their “peer tutoring feedback form”.

What if I don’t have time one week?

Remember that the weekend is also a good time to schedule your skype sessions if your week is too busy. If you happen to skip a session one week, then make up for it in the next week. As long as your average for the term is one session per week. For 2014 students, as we started in Week 3 you will need at least 9 sessions completed this term – but you also have the holidays to “catch up” on sessions if needed.

What if we do more than 30 minutes?

Fantastico! We encourage you to go over the 30 minutes if you both have time.  We also encourage you to chat, in both languages, about non-school things  because “informal learning beats formal learning”!

What else do we do with our peer tutors?

As outlined in the online units, for each unit you will have to ask your peer tutor some questions in Italian (via facebook chats or email) and then paste/copy their answer into the appropriate google doc. We will then use this amazing collection of perfect responses when studying for our IB orals in Term 1 of Yr 12.

You will also ask your peer tutor to mark some writing tasks for you (correcting your grammar & spelling). Once it’s been marked by them, you will show me the original and the marked version and I will give you feedback using the IB marking criteria. Having your peer tutors mark the grammar and spelling means I have more time to provide you with detailed & meaningful 1:1 oral feedback on your tasks, rather than just rush through the feedback or not see the tasks at all.

You can also send quick messages to your peer tutor, or to the entire peer tutoring group, regarding language questions (eg. “how do you say….?” or “is this sentence correct?”). When preparing for the Written Assignment in Term 1 you can  ask  them cultural questions or interview them and use the transcript as one of your sources.

Feedback Form

Both you and your peer tutor will fill in an online feedback form after each skype session. No one else, aside the teacher, can access these forms once they are completed so rest assured about your privacy.

Please ask the ITC LUNARDI students to complete this form:

MLC students, please complete the form below which will be automatically sent to their teacher:

– Need help with homework?

– Want to have a writing task marked by a native speaker?

– Want to chat to someone your age in Italy?

Connect with a student from our partner class at Liceo Lunardi in Brescia, Italy. All participating students can be found “ITALIA-AUSTRALIA” group on Facebook (click on link below).

– What you can do

  • connect with over 30 native speakers of your age
  • get help with homework tasks
  • get writing tasks corrected
  • type or video chat to an Italian peer in Italian & English
  • practise speaking skills with someone your age
  • find out more about their culture

– IB ab initio specific help

  • share a text-handling question you can’t figure out with a native speaker (paper 1)
  • share a picture and ask native speakers to describe it (oral exam)
  • through video chat talk in Italian and ask a native speaker to correct your mistakes (oral exam)
  • share a writing task and ask native speakers for corrections, suggestions and better examples (paper 2)
  • Interview them to gain more cultural information for your chosen cultural comparison topic (Internal assessment 1)

– But remember to return the favour!

  • They are learning English and you, to them, are the experts. Put on your tutoring hat and help them out with their English learning.
For a more casual chat, connect with the students of Liceo Brotzu from Sardenia, Italy via the facebook link below:

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